Monday, January 4, 2010

Geek culture has gone mainstream. It isn’t hard to remember a time when video gamers and computer users were a small group of socially awkward guys who never got prom dates. These days, video games are just another form of entertainment, and computers are ubiquitous, so it is no surprise at all that geek tattoos are becoming more and more commonplace. A quick stroll through’s Geek Tattoos section shows that there are plenty of video game tattoos around, although some characters and games are far more popular than others. Mario and his cast of friends are easily the most prominent video game tattoos on the site, while other classics like Pac Man enjoy some love there as well. Fan favorites like The Legend of Zelda are everywhere, with Triforce tattoos being the most popular theme from that game. Even newer games like Halo seem to have a strong following among the tattooed. Mario is a very popular candidate for video games tattoos. The Mario Brothers franchise has been successful across multiple platforms since Mario made his appearance as Jump Man in the arcade version of Donkey Kong in 1981. That means that anyone under age 35 grew up with one Mario video game or another - it’s no wonder that Mario tattoos are among the most common geek tattoos.


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