Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Armband Tattoo Designs
Armband Tattoo Designs

Browsing the Web for nice armband design? Well, I must say that indeed you are doing the right thing to find the latest tattoo designs. Today most people love to go for armband tattoo designs because of its popularity among celebrities & other icons like WWE professionals. They flaunt their armband tattoos which are different from the one you see around & you wonder how they get them?

Well this is simple. Today tattoo is no longer a traditional practice. It's become a modern art, a cosmetic fashion & people take this art seriously. It is no longer confined to tribal or ethnic groups. It is common to all. People love to wear them because tattoo speaks a lot. Of all tattoo arts the armband tattoo designs are the most sought after. Here are few of the latest armband tattoo designs. But they won't be latest always. After months or so they would become common & hence you need to find again latest tattoo designs. Then you again must come back to the world wide web network to find if there is any new tattoo design for your other arm.

Rose with Thorns Tattoo Designs: These armband tattoo designs are prominent among feminine class. A rose with outstanding thorns is designed around your arm in different style you like. This symbolizes that even the softest thing in the world has weapons to protect itself. It also means love is not without risk.

The Half Sleeve Armband Tattoo Design: This is a armband tattoo design which is made popular by celebrities like Eminem & others. Though this is not exactly an armband design but the whole arm is covered with it. You might have seen Eminem wears on his upper right arm the tattoo of his daughter Hailie. This is a design which is complete & can be drawn, colored & flaunted.

Wing Tattoos: This is another popular form of armband tattoo design which is seldom outdated. They always remain latest tattoo design because of the versatility that wing tattoos offer artists to carryover on easily. The artists can easily change the design & look wing tattoos according to their imagination & make it again a new & matchless tattoo design.

Water Dragon Tattoo Designs: This tattoo is famous in the east & there is a dragon with four points around the compass which signifies Water, Earth, Sky & the Underworld. Nature nurtures as well as nature destroys; this is the symbolic meaning of the dragon tattoo around your arm. People don't wear it because of its symbolic meanings but the water dragon tattoo has a uniqueness of is own. The blue or purple color of the tattoo matches the other linings so well that they become a center of attraction when you flaunt your tattoo.

Jasmine Tattoo Designs: These armband tattoo designs are feminine & young ladies love to wear them. The Jasmine flower armband tattoo can be matchless every time an artist wears them on your arm. The variety of color, the symbol of love, the lines of leaves, the ornamental design & the elegance & grace of the Jasmine tattoo design make it perfect for all attractive arms of ladies.


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