Thursday, November 5, 2009

Swallow Tattoo Designs 1Having swallowed a tattoo is a creative way to express yourself. Swallow birds, mainly to Europe, sometimes known as the Blue Birds. If you're going to get one, you might want to first understand what it means. The symbolism of the swallow tattoo is a reason for the controversy and confusion. Swallow tattoo that has the symbol used to be a sign of status among the sailors. Meaning behind it is a swallow, should, to protect sailors from the dangers on their journey. However, the same version of this story is that, if the sailors had died at sea, which swallowed will protect their souls and bring them to heaven.Swallow Tattoo Designs 2 According to legend, after sailing for at least five thousand miles, a sailor could get a tattoo put on his chest symbol swallow, to mark the occasion. This gave him a sense of honor and achievement. A longer version of the legend is that, when he traveled more than ten thousand miles, he was entitled to a second swallow tattoo on the other side of his chest. Getting a tattoo of two sailors give a sense of pride and achievement. It also serves as a kind of pictorial resume. Since travel by ship is very dangerous during that time. Thus, it is a sign of an experienced sailor reliable in a crisis. Sailor with two swallows tattooed symbols on their chests, not one, specifically sought. That means that they have weather many storms and survived the many challenges. Swallow Tattoo Designs 3Therefore, each captain looking for new crew members are always happy to see a sailor with two swallows tattooed on his chest. Swallow noble bird, with a rich history. This is a symbol of honor, faith, love and hope. For the sailors in the past, it represents all of the luck for loyalty. This serves as a reminder of family, friendship and honor. So, when you consider whether or not to get ink, remember what that symbolizes. Swallow tattoo is a sign of eternal life, love and hope. This represents the courage and eternal happiness. Are you a sailor at heart, or just someone who likes to feel the wind beneath your wings, a swallow tattoo is probably the right choice for you !

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