Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dolphin Tattoo Designs 1The dolphins always enjoyed a reputation as a sailor friend. Indeed, maritime folklore filled with stories of them playing with the ship sailing or playing with people who were swimming in the sea. There are even stories of their help to save stranded sailors in danger of drowning, or of their taking a shark's head-to-head to save human friends they are from a horrible fate. Because of this and other stories, the dolphin is seen as a talisman of luck, glad tidings, a friend. If you look at their pictures, their faces seemed to smile benevolently on your back. While they are very good hunters and are always able to catch many fish, have you ever heard the story of one man attack? Of course not. Because they play games, have fun personalities, Dolphin Tattoo Designs 2 they symbolize the free-spirited enjoyment of life, sea, and the natural world. Apart from the funny clown nature, man has always felt this animal innate intelligence, which some scientists and analysts have speculated could rival human intelligence. So, if you think about it, the attraction to get a picture of one of your body is easy to understand. We humans are always identified with the powerful, the most beautiful, most graceful, the most intelligent animals, and dolphins to realize all these qualities and more. No wonder that so many modern citizens of each country in the world have adopted it as their own personal animal totem. Dolphin Tattoo Designs 3When you identify with this creature, you declare your allegiance to one of nature's most amazing creatures, animals loved by adults and children alike. No wonder that a dolphin tattoo of any size and shape among the most popular designs today. Just as there are different kinds of animals out there in the natural world, there are also many designs that represent many of the world view of these creatures. If you look through the artist's book sample, you will find the dolphins of every shape, size and style. They are very popular as an ankle tattoo, lower back tattoo (this style is very popular for women), in the back of the shoulder, burst from the waves just above the collarbone, on the inside of the forearm, or just about anywhere else the artist can imagine .

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Dolphin Tattoo Designs


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