Monday, November 23, 2009

The Polynesian tattoo design comes with the most history around it. Before modern times, if you looked through history you would notice the influence of the Polynesian tattoos. Back then they would use colored clays and other ink type substances to color their bodies with tattoos. Before the modern time tattoo, history shows that tattoo ink was placed on top of the skin, or markings were created to burn the tattoo onto the skin. This would create a scarring of the skin which would evolve into a tattoo back then. Tattoos back then where used to show what tribe of people you can from and was not just an art form. As tattoos evolved from their original creation, the meanings of these tattoos changed drastically. Popular Polynesian tattoo patterns that were used in the past remain and can be seen in a wide variety of Polynesian inspired tattoos today. The inspiration of Polynesian tattoo designs come from the culture of the Polynesian Islands, which are just south of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Some tattoo artists are familiar with the Polynesian culture and will be able to create the Polynesian tattoo design. Here are some pictures of the Polynesian tattoo design to give you an idea of what was created from this culture. You might notice this tattoo design in other tattoos or even on people you never noticed before.


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