Thursday, November 26, 2009

The art of lettering tattoos is extremely popular with anyone looking at getting a tattoo. Lettering tattoos can make a statement and with so many different choices for letters, you can make your tattoo as unique as you want. Many people decide to go with old English letter tattoos but there are many different styles of lettering you can pick from. Lettering tattoos can be completed on any part of your body and can portray a variety of different meanings just from the style of lettering you choose. Gangs are a popular group to see with many different lettering tattoos on their body. It’s a form of expression that uses no voice, but speaks louder than words. When looking for the perfect lettering tattoo you will want to go through picture galleries and look at all of the lettering tattoos people have already chosen. Just because someone has taken a style, like the old English lettering style does not mean you cannot go with the same style. The great part about lettering tattoos is that no matter what lettering style you choose you can always make it unique. Just like no two people have the same hand writing style, no two lettering tattoos will be the same, unless of course you go to the same tattoo artist. Lettering tattoos have been customized to include scripting, creative lettering and images in combination with the letters. Find picture examples of the lettering tattoo you like as it will help you determine the size, as well as the appearance of the tattoo once it is finished. Most lettering tattoos need lots of room, otherwise they may looked crammed or not as detailed as you would have liked it. There are so many different lettering tattoo styles, such as girly, traditional script, old school, cursive and even modern styles that you can use as inspiration for your next lettering tattoo. The only step after finding the style you want, is where will you up this tattoo?


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